Finding Home: Our Journey

Our family’s journey has been an interesting one the past few years.  My boyfriend and I met each other, about ten years ago, in Reno, NV.  He left for the military, I bounced around, Las Vegas to California.  We both ended up back in Reno and started dating.  We ran into each other unexpectedly, started travelling together and have been together since day one.  Our son, JW, was a quick and unplanned blessing.  Our little family was growing faster than our one bedroom duplex could hold, so when my parents offered us the opportunity to move to Chicago to take care of my grandma’s old house, we packed our belongings in a 5 foot by 5 foot box and hopped on a plane.

Chicago was always meant to be a transition phase.  My grandma had passed when I was pregnant with JW from an ongoing battle with cancer and had been sort of a hoarder.  Although, if you asked her, it was all going to be worth something one day.  Our plan was to clear out that house, pack up memories and then move to Kansas to be closer to my parents.  It sounds much quicker than it actually happened.  Bella was born in Chicago and that slowed things down a little bit.  So did my boyfriend’s rotator cuff surgery and the following physical therapy and recovery.  After almost two years of living in Chicago, my grandma’s house sold and we moved into my parents’ basement in small town Kansas.

We had an offer put in on a house in the same town as my parents and around the same time we moved, the offer fell through.  My parents’ basement was also supposed to be a quick transition, that turned into about a two month adventure.  We FINALLY found an awesome house, moved in just over a week ago and have been unpacking and getting settled in our home!  It’s the first time, since JW was born, that we are in a home that we know we are staying in.  It has been a long time coming and I am ridiculously excited about the whole situation.

During the adventure in my parent’s basement, I’ve also had gallbladder surgery.  It’s been a crazy, busy couple months and I’m finally getting settled, healed and back together.  Today, I even set up my desk area and am getting things organized.  Keep an eye out for me playing catch up on product reviews, including an adorable personalized children’s book and a NEW way to get rid of wrinkles, and start bringing you some DIY posts, recipes and more about working from home!  Make sure to check out my Wordless Wednesday 6-4-14 to see all the new pictures from the new home!

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    I’m so glad that you’re finally in your new home, and that you’re starting to feel better after all of the health stuff you’ve been through. I can’t wait to see new pictures!! And while I know that living in another family’s home is hard on everyone (been there more than I like to admit), I’m glad that your parents have been there for you during this transition. Here’s to hanging out at their house for fun times, and getting to go home at the end! I think you’ll find everyone’s a lot happier. #wink ♥


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