Jingit Review!

One of the easiest ways that I make a little bit of extra money is Jingit. Jingit is a mobile app available for almost anyone over the age of 13 with a smartphone.

There are a couple different ways that you can earn money through Jingit. The easiest being simply watching ads on your mobile phone or on your computer. Each ad is worth anywhere from ten cents to thirty cents and the ads are as short (or shorter) than commercials. Doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. The other way to earn money with Jingit is by completing their offers. Similar to Ibotta, if you buy certain products, such as Dr. Pepper TEN, you can earn a dollar or so on your Jingit account.

My favorite part about Jingit is that even though it can be slow to add up at times because there isn’t always an abundance of ads, they offer a free debit card. So, whenever I have a few extra dollars on there and want to pick up a treat, it’s incredibly easy to access that money.

You will by no means get rich with Jingit, however, it’s always good to have multiple eggs in your basket when it comes to making money from home! It all adds up eventually! Head on over and get signed up for Jingit today!

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