GoGo squeeZ Review!

Thanks to Swaggable, I had the opportunity to try GoGo squeeZ! (Well, my son got to try it. lol) I was super excited to have my 18 month old son try this because it comes in a great, toddler-friendly package. My son LOVES applesauce, but he makes a HUGE mess when I let him try with a spoon on his own.

I was given the AppleApple flavor and I was really hoping JW (my son) would love it! Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. We only got him to try a couple of bites and you can tell by his face, he wasn’t thrilled.

I tried it after he made this face and I’m pretty sure my face wasn’t that far off. It didn’t taste bad, it just wasn’t what you expect from applesauce. It was like applesauce flavored applesauce, which is an odd way to describe it, but it’s the best way to put it into words. Even my boyfriend wasn’t a fan, and he’ll eat just about anything. Lol.

So, unfortunately, our son didn’t like GoGo squeeZ, but I still think it’s a fantastic idea and can’t wait to try other flavors, especially AppleGrape and AppleBerry. I really love the packaging and it’d be great for trips and outings.

If you want to try GoGo squeeZ yourself, make sure you print out a coupon beforehand! You can find a $0.60/1 coupon on GoGo squeeZ’s Facebook page. And sign up for Swaggable so you can try products like this for free! You can also check out my review on Swaggable here.

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