• What Is Transcription?
  • Does Your #BabyGotMoves?
  • Taking The Perfect Photo Of Your Little Ones With Pampers Swaddlers!

Wordless Wednesday 9-17-14


The joys of living in a small town.  Going to pick up a free smoke detector also meant a photo op with the firetruck for this happy little man!

What Is Transcription?


What is transcription? The easiest way to describe transcription is listening to a recording and typing the contents, taking an audio file and turning it into written word.  Transcription is one of the most common jobs that can be worked from home.  There are some transcription jobs that can have difficult terminology.  Medical transcription is [...]

Does Your #BabyGotMoves?


Thanks to Pampers and Double Duty Divas for making this sponsored post happen!   Mornings can be rough for any household, especially with little ones.  While I’ve been blessed with children who enjoy their beauty rest and most nights grab a solid 12 hours. that means a full diaper in the morning.  You know, as [...]

Happy Fourth of July Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza! {RECIPE}


Not only is the Fourth of July America’s birthday, there is another birthday of equal importance in my family: My Mom’s!  Now that we are living closer to her again, I wanted to make a special treat for her.  She’s dieting, so I didn’t want to go all out on a chocolate cake with mounds [...]

Pirate’s Booty Cheesiest Joke Contest (+GIVEAWAY!)


My kids love mac and cheese.  (Who doesn’t?)  They also love pirates.  For my son’s 2nd birthday, we had a whole pirate party, complete with buried treasure!  So, I jumped on the opportunity to try out a new brand of macaroni and cheese: Pirate’s Booty!  Pirate’s Booty is made with 100% organic pasta, real cheese and [...]

Baby Lovin’ Giveaway!


⚛ Welcome to the Baby Lovin Giveaway Event ⚛ Hosted by: My Frugal Savings & Grandma’s WishCo-Hosts: Mama Pure, To Be Thode, Falling Perfect, My Work At Home World, and Not My Circus Not My Monkeys My Work At Home World has teamed up with My Frugal Savings, Grandma’s Wish and many other extremely awesome bloggers [...]